The quality of the urban environment and the modern challenges to its planning through design thinking and civic involvement are in the centre of the newest project of the architectural group Re-animatori from Varna. Chavdara Nikolova, Konstantin Dimov and Nevena Valcheva are the architects who develop a prototype of an innovative model for urban planning in T.I.S.I., the idea is to upgrade on the traditional practices and to create an active civic position towards the public spaces.


T.I.S.I. is based on design thinking and  methods for analyzing the problems of the urban environment. It considers the significance of the civic participation and perception of the space at the “eye level” through emotion and experience that the environment creates for each of us.

T.I.S.I.Temporary Interventions for Sustainable Impact. The translation points to one of the stages of the project in creating a temporary intervention for sustainable development. At the same time, the active aspect of the project, coded in its name, is associated with the message “It’s you” or “It’s your turn”.

T.I.S.I. is funded by the project DESIGNSCAPES “Innovations with applied design in urban environment” under the Framework Program “Horizon 2020” of the European Union. In this project Re-animatori  is in partnership of place.make – a studio for urban design, urbanism and research.


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Архитектура, която обича хората
T.I.S.I. taking space
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