T.I.S.I. You’re in the Neighborhood – exhibition

“You are in the neighbourhood” – days of artistic interventions and exhibition of T.I.S.I. process 

This is the last and most curious, provocative and creative stage of T.I.S.I. during which we turned a pedestrian bridge over “Vasil Levski” blvd into a place sensitive to culture.

“You’re in the Neighbourhood ” offered to the audience three different and in the same time integrated in one message temporary interventions with sustainable impact. We presented an exhibition of the work process of the T.I.S.I. project, which illustrates the possible changes in five locations of Konfu neighbourhood. We conveyed the message of the visual artists Kamen Stoyanov and Katarina Svoboda through the video installation “Taking Space”. We organized “Walk & Talk” guided walks with the actress Ivelina Ivanova, who showed the neighbourhood through the personal stories of its residents.

“You are in the neighbourhood” are three days of artistic interventions in the urban space, in which the artist “opens” the eyes, gives voice, expresses desires and problems, thus starting a process of awareness and creating communities that stand responsibly and consistently behind processes of change.

There should be benches and trash bins along “Vasil Levski” blvd, because the path of the pedestrians is long and it is good to stay clean. It should have greenery so they don’t walk in the gray of the concrete. There should be gardens for adults and playgrounds for children where there are now bushes. There should be a dog garden in “Konfu” neighbourhood. There should be a bench, flowers and temporary exhibitions in the pedestrian bridge. There should be magnolias along “Magnolia” st. These are just some of the neighbourhood ideas that people have shared with Sketch Ideas during the last three days of “You’re in the neighbourhood.”

“We shared the space of a pedestrian bridge. We turned it into a stage together. We shared a desire to live in the neighbourhood more pleasantly together.” the Team of T.I.S.I.

“You’re in the Neighbourhood ” – exhibition